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Guest of Honor

Topic: Cryptography
Gurtej Sandhu

(Senior Fellow and Vice President at Micron Technology)

Gurtej Singh Sandhu, also known as Gurtej Sandhu, is an inventor in the fields of thin film processes and materials, VLSI and semiconductor device fabrication. He is recognized for being the all-time seventh most prolific inventor as measured by number of U.S. utility patents.
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Topic: Invention of GNP technology/ESLAR
Mr. Brown


Touted as the magical mathematician and physicist, Mr. Brown is a passionate subject matter expert on a wide variety of spheres including technology, IT and IT-enabled services, satellites and navigation, mobile data and networks and cryptocurrency to name a few. Inventor of over 60,000 algorithms for mechanization and deployment of Industrial Control Systems, Telecommunications Infrastructure, Freight Logistics Industries, Satellite Imaging, and Reconnaissant Utilities. He has over 30+ years of experience working with leading organizations such as AT&T, Fisher and Paykel, NASA and various government agencies. He has also worked upon independent projects with the Chinese Government, Boeing, Google Earth and FEMA. At Hydrus7Labs, he heads the technology operations and immersed in devising a unique formula to make crypto transactions faster, efficient and sustainable.
Topic: Future of Cryptography with Blockchain
Dr. Bhupinder Singh

(Founder & CEO – Hydrus7 Labs)

Dr. Bhupinder Singh is the Founder & CEO of Hydrus7 Labs. His sharp intellect and deep knowledge of IT gave him a good understanding of future technology and its growth. Along being a techie, he is an excellent negotiator and has great business acumen. His ability of taking up a project and turning it into a successful venture has got him running multiple ventures simultaneously including education, Information Technology, Energy, Business Consulting, Healthcare to name a few. He is an excellent communicator with strong ability to solve complex company problems using outstanding judgment and decision-making skills. He believes in running a customer service-oriented company and have more than 20 years of experience in relevant positions.

Who should attend?

Any one into developer or coder working in cyber security, blockchain, cryptography, etc. domain can participate in this Hackathon.

Participants can register for the event on www.hydrus7hackathon.bemyapp.com

Launch Pad Program

While the main event of the Hackathon is occurring, the company has also initiated the Hydrus7 Launchpad platform to give opportunity for tech startups, entrepreneurs, and developers to present their projects and ideas related to cyber security and AI domain-related technologies. The top five applications will be selected to present their ideas on the day of the hackathon. The best project will be selected for mentoring as well as an investment opportunity.


Winner gets reward worth $2,50,000

The winner(s) will be determined who can successfully decrypt the security algorithm.

5 international Job offers

In USA and India


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