What is Hydrus7

The fourth-generation blockchain technology leading us to a sustainable and better future.

Hydrus7 is the brainchild of JD Coin which is the latest generation of blockchain.

Hydrus7 is an outright milestone of the fourth-generation blockchain which is poised to solve the issues caused by previous generations of blockchains. Hydrus7 is based on decentralized ledger and is an open source technology, hence it can be utilized by many companies for their further developments.

It is built with robust advancements in a more structured and scalable manner with the help of AI, ML, Data Compression in Blocks, Sharding, and many other cutting-edge technologies. These technological developments make it possible to overcome the distant dream of better and faster interchain data exchange. It has helped in instantly verifying transactions. Hydrus7 blockchain ensures that these capabilities like atomic swaps, stable side chains with an easy mechanism to add transaction nodes, and the ability to add multilayered consensus algorithms, will lead to a strong, secure, fast, and intelligent Blockchain.

blockchain 4.0

Problems & Solutions


Blockchain technology has come a long way from simply being a form of digital currency. Out of the many benefits that it delivers to the consumers and enterprise sectors, some are; immutability of data, anonymity, privacy, secure transactions, and cost-efficiency in operating an infrastructure built upon the technology.

First-generation blockchains are limited in scalability due to their focus on mining. While mining results in a secure network, the drawback is limited transaction speed.

It is imperative for a node to have a copy of the ledger. This in turn amounts to a huge duplication of data, therefore resulting in the need for large storage as days go by.

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With fourth-generation blockchains such as Hydrus7, we aim to overcome such challenges through the introduction of multilayered hybrid consensus algorithms, making the transaction faster and secure.

Hydrus7 infrastructure aims to solve these challenges in a structured manner with the help of AI, ML, Data Compression in Blocks, Sharding, and built-in support for interoperability. By incorporation of the technologies as a stack, it becomes possible to do things which were not possible in the first-generation blockchains, namely instant transactions and atomic swaps, or building stable side chains for enterprise applications. Sidechains also help in quick transaction settlements that aids in contributing to our mission for higher transaction speed.

Another important element which fourth-generation blockchain address is resource-efficiency in enterprise computing by eliminating mining and introducing Proof of Stake (PoS). By bringing this modified PoS algorithm, we are enabling even a simple device like a mobile phone to participate in the transaction verification and staking process.

With atomic swaps, we will be able to communicate with other different enterprise chains, thereby, initiating possibilities on the front of complex supply-chain applications as well as DeFi use cases.
By taking these measures, we hope to reduce the consumption and dependability of big server setups and data requirements and take the world towards faster processing and sustainable technology, that will further lead to our dream of “Green Earth” initiative.


Masternode Requirements

blockchain 4.0

10,000 JDC(H7) per node


Dedicated IP

hydrus7 labs

24hr Uptime VPS



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A cryptocurrency wallet stores the public and private keys which can be used to receive or spend
the cryptocurrency. A wallet can contain multiple public and private key pairs.

JDCH7 Wallet

This wallet is based on the new blockchain called Hydrus7. It is built on Proof of Stake (PoS) technology and has inbuilt features like staking, masternodes, etc. IOS version coming soon.

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