Epillo HealthHub

HealthHUB combines an ambit of Health, Medical and Wellness services such as Pharmacy, Primary Care, Medical Advisory and Health counselling, Preventative care, Clinical Laboratory testing, Chronic condition diagnosis, FMCG categories such as Personal care, Nutritional supplements & Grooming products, Fresh-batch Nutritional Food and Beverages, Health specialities such as Dermatology, Cosmetology and Dentistry services, Mother and Child Health, Veterinary care and counselling, Physiotherapy & Wellness and more under one roof and one click.


HyperZip is a GNP application based on compression and depression processes, based on the ESALR technology (Encryption Security Algorithm with Lossless Reduction). It has been developed by Hydrus7 Labs, which is a USA-based technology company. The program can compress the file and decompress the file in its original form without losing any information from the source file.

Shorai Komasu

We are looking at a streamlined solution for bringing the Lender, Borrower and Underwriter in one single roof on a unique technology platform by introducing and connecting the use of complex AI algorithms on blockchain.
The lending services will be beneficial for the real-estate sector in various forms:
B2B projects
B2C projects
Project development funding