Launch of platform
on Dec 10th, 2020. JDC Staking -
40 million (20 mn coins to go in staking)
*Every 25k coins in staking
will get a reward
New JD Blockchain with PoW/PoS +
Nodes and masternodes server
Setup + JDC Staking
(for next 20 million JDC)
Launch of JDC H7 Wallets +
Registration of users.
Swapping of JDC with JDC H7
(after 40 Million Stake Completion)
Febuary 2021
Announcement of the Application based on GNP Technology in Feb-2021
Febuary 2021
Launch of Hydrus7 Whitepaper in Feb 2021
May 2021
Launched Epillo Health Systems OÜ
June 2021
Launch of Gaming Apps on JDC H7
July 2021
Launch of Shorai Komasu (DeFi)
August 2021
Launch of The Brain Project
November 2021
Launch of Protego on PoS, PoR
and PoH