GNP technology

GNP TECHNOLOGY to change the face of Communication, Security and Storage.

We are working on the new challenges each day and are facing in the field of security, Data retention, and capacity, which is daunting the industries, Governments and the laymen as well.

With security concerns reaching every aspect of one's digital life, may it be phone, personal computer, bank records, health records, personal identification information, IOT devices, etc. While Enterprises and Governments are having different sets of issues like email and data security, data center security, stability of systems, capacity building, last mile reach, data retention, etc.

Our technology will touch every aspect of the above said challenges and enhance speed, increase availability, strength security and also increase speed at which a service is rendered as well. Eventually saving a huge amount of money for government and businesses in infrastructure, network bandwidth and storage expenses.

GNP technology's first application named ESALR.
Hydrus7 Labs has released its bluepaper on the revolutionary technology ESALR.



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