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The world of DeFi (Decentralized finance)

Shōrai Komāsu is a DeFi application on Hydrus7 platform which brings a new dimension to B2B loans. Loans with trust score with close to Nil or Zero collateral. Tamper Proof, Transparent and Irrefutable B2B Transactions.

It is a blockchain based platform to bring a lender, borrower, and underwriter in single roof. This platform is designed to bring all the stakeholders under one roof by use of complex AI algorithms. The lender can follow the usage of funds and the release of these funds will be based on the smart contracts and proper preset usage (for contract parameters).

Platform to bring Lender, Borrower and Underwriter in one single roof by use of complex AI algorithms on blockchain. The lender can follow the usage of funds in more traceable nature on the chain and off the chain.

Now you can get loans approved and cash into your account in minutes, in the middle of the night. There are no geographical boundaries after this application, a borrower can be in Singapore and the lender can be in New York, while the underwriter can be in Tokyo.

Calculate your risk and returns before you lend, set your preferences and the platform will do the rest, while you rest. Release of funds based on the smart contracts and proper preset usage [Contract Parameters] . Build Trust and get more funds. Behaviour based Trust Analysis.

Field Support for recovery and permanently annihilate the borrower on default. Underwriters, and lenders can set their own risk aversion parameters, lending criteria and business preferences.

AI engine would consider these user set parameters and 100’s of other factors to make a decision on a given B2B loan request. With the Hydrus7 platform many such DeFi applications are possible and are left to the startup ecosystem to come up with more such ideas that will disrupt the current systems.

Updates will be announced soon!


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